2D GUI HUD Creator (c) 2015 - Something2Play Limited
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Indie Licence
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Indie Pro Licence
For the Single developer.  This licence is for your own game use only.  You may not sell the artwork as an art pack or use it in your clients games.  You are licenced to use the artwork in your games, as long as they are included within a distributed build.
For the Single developer.  This licence enables you to create artwork for your game and also your clients.  Your clients can use the artwork in their games as long as they are aware that it must be included within a distributed build.  They are also licenced to use the artwork, but do not own the IP copyright.
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Educational Licence
For Educational institutions.   This licence gives your students, educators, and staff access to 2D GUI HUD Creator onsite and also at home.  This licence is intended for non- commercial use only. 
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Team Licence
This licence will give your whole team access to 2D GUI HUD Creator giving you the same licence as Indie Pro, but studio wide.
Upgrade from version 1.x for FREE version 1 no longer supported.
What formats can I export the artwork to?
You can export your designs in PNG with transparency, or a white background in JPG format for draft designs with options.  Using Export to PNG will also enable you to scale the quality of the export up to a further 100% if required for print.
How does saving & loading templates work?
Saving and loading your template design is currently limited to using the same space shared space as your Flash Player, even though Flash Player is no longer required to run 2D GUI HUD Creator.  This should be used as a temporary storage method as it will be changing in a later release.
What is the Minimum screen resolution required?
2D GUI HUD Creator should work fine on any screen resolution above 1200x700.
Is there a MAC version?
No.  Not yet!  There will be very soon.  We’re currently looking into this now.
Do I need the latest Flash Player?
No.  We use Adobe AIR now, so you’ll not need to make sure your flash version is up to date.  If you do not have the Adobe AIR runtime installed, the installation will install or update it to the latest one for you.
How do I get updates?
Each time a new release is available we’ll send you an email with a download link.  All you need to do is enter the information in the email and the download will be accessable to you.